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Fireplace Accessories

Fireside’s large seasonal selection of fireplace accessories include fireplace screens, grates, tool sets, wood racks & carts, andirons, cast iron steamers, trivets, bellows, fireplace cleaners and so much more.

Additional Accessories:

Fireplace Doors:
Fireplace doors save energy because they reduce significant heat loss. They also provide a beautiful design element to any living room. We have installed hundreds of these doors in Central Oregon. All masonry fireplaces need custom built doors because no two are ever the same exact size as another one. Factory built fireplaces however, do have standard doors available, but may be somewhat limited in style. Fireplace doors need to be carefully measured for and installed by a very experienced technician if they are going to provide you with years of reliable service.

We have a broad selection of Traditional, Blacksmith and Craftsman styled doors to choose from. You can view a number of these door options HERE and be sure to contact our sales staff to discuss your fireplace door needs.

Gas Logs:
Gas logs are designed to go into both factory built and mason built wood burning fireplaces. They come in sizes to fit 24″ to 60″ or more for single sided or double sided fireplaces. Talk to our sales team for all the proper sizing and installation details.

The top three gas log manufacturers we specialize in are Eiklor FlamesRasmussen & Hargrove because of their amazing realism and radiant heat. Unlike standard gas log sets that have one or two bottom burners, the Eiklor Flames log sets feature five separate stainless steel burners that are located throughout the logs. Where as, Rasmussen vented gas logs provide a large variety of styles and features at very competitive prices.

Two important things to remember with gas logs are: (1) The damper in your fireplace must be locked open to eliminate the possibility that the logs would be turned on with the damper closed and spill unhealthy amounts of CO into your home. (2) Glass doors are almost always a requirement on your fireplace to eliminate heat loss and bad odors when the gas logs are not running.

Our installation team are National Fireplace Institute and Oregon state Fire Marshal certified to insure that you installation is done properly.