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Quadra-Fire Discovery Series

The Discovery Series Steel Wood Stoves from Quadra-Fire delivers the performance you expect from Quadra-Fire while packing the most heat and highest efficiency of the Discovery Series. Building on its strong legacy, the Discovery Series delivers on:


  • Get maximum heat and a clean burn with the Quadra-Fire Four-Point Burn System, delivering performance that you can see


  • Space saving wood storage bin, holds a days worth of wood
  • Personalize your stove by choosing the included tile side or the solid side panel
  • Tile side uses any 12 x 12 ceramic tiles
  • Solid side can be left black or painted using high temperature paint


  • Eliminate the hassle and save time with Automatic Combustion Control (ACC): simply load the wood, light the fire and walk away


Discovery I:

Heating Capacity3: 800 - 2,100 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4: 7 hrs
Firebox Capacity: 1.4 cu ft
Recommended Log Length: 16”
Viewing Area: 125 sq in
Efficiency5: 78.7%
Emissions: 2.1 grams/hour

Discovery II:

Heating Capacity2: 1,000-2,600 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time3: 10 hours
Firebox Capacity: 2.0 cu ft
Recommended Log Length: 16”
Viewing Area: 165 sq in
Efficiency4: 79.9%
Emissions: 1.1 grams/hour

Discovery III:

Heating Capacity3: 1,100 - 3,000 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time4: 12 hrs
Firebox Capacity: 2.3 cu ft
Recommended Log Length: 18”
Viewing Area: 165 sq in
Efficiency5: 80.2%
Emissions: 1.0 grams/hour