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Grills Service Request

If your grill did not come from Fireside please contact the manufacturer for replacement parts and service.

It’s not uncommon for a gas grill to have problems starting. This problem is typically caused by something as simple as a loose wire, a gas valve being off or a propane tank that wasn’t turned on before the grill was. Other times, it is caused by a faulty igniter. We usually have replacement igniters in stock so be sure to stop by Fireside for a replacement one.

For Weber replacement parts, consumers are asked to contact Weber directly. Click HERE to contact Weber’s Customer Support team.

Fireside provides full service including warranty service on the grills that we sell. Prior to requesting service, be sure to read your grill owners manual. Many times, the answer to a problem is covered in the manual.

Grills should also be kept somewhat clean. Not only are grills with excessive build up of residue unsightly, they are also a health and fire hazard.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your grill as well before you request service. Our service technician will have to spend time cleaning your grill before they can find the problem therefore a pre-clean will save you money in the end.

Four Basic BBQ Grill Service Steps

  1. Carefully read your owners manual for solutions
  2. Look for obvious things like a loose wire or valve turned off
  3. Thoroughly clean your grill
  4. Schedule service, call Fireside: 382-2597