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Fireplace Service Request

If your fireplace did not come from Fireside please contact a local chimney sweep for service requests, maintenance or repairs.

Fireside has factory trained and certified service technicians with fully equipped service vehicles. Prior to requesting service work, please read your owner’s manual. Many apparent service problems turn out to be rather simple things that homeowners can do themselves and save money in the process. Many manufacturer’s websites typically have trouble shooting and FAQ sections that you might find useful. They also have manuals available for downloading if you have lost yours.

Check out the benefits of regularly servicing Gas Fireplaces & Stoves 

Common Issues

Pilot Lighting Problems: Your manual is a particularly good resource if you are having trouble lighting your pilot light. If you have propane and continue to have problems lighting your pilot, it is very likely air was introduced into the gas line during the last tank refill or during an extended period of non use. The line will need to be bled by your propane company before your appliance will operate properly again. If you continue to have a problem and you have a natural gas appliance, your utility company, Cascade Natural Gas (541-382-6464) will provide additional assistance.

Smoking Wood Fireplace: If your fireplace was working fine but begins to smoke, it can mean a couple of things:

  1. You need to have your chimney cleaned
  2. You need to burn hotter, smaller fires
  3. Try crack a near by window to relieve any negative pressure

Three Basic Hearth Product Service Steps

  1. Carefully read your owners manual for solutions
  2. Look for obvious things like an unplugged electrical line or replacing batteries
  3. Schedule service:

If you have read your manual and you still request service call Fireside at: (541) 382 - 2597