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Hot Tub Landscaping:
Pro Tips from Bend's Becker Landscapes

It’s no wonder that hot tubs are so popular in Central Oregon. A hot tub can enhance the year-round usability of an outdoor space, whether used as a family gathering spot, or as a haven for quiet personal meditation. Whether you’re warding off the chill of a high desert evening, or soaking tired muscles after a winter’s trip to Bachelor, hot tubs fit right in with the Central Oregon lifestyle.

The challenge with a hot tub is deciding how to situate it into your landscape. The goal is to maximize year-round hot tub usability, as well as the serenity and beauty of the hot tub’s setting.

Becker Landscapes - Bend OregonWith a little planning and forethought, you can make your hot tub area worthy of a spread in a landscaping magazine. Below are some pro hot tub landscaping tips from Jim Eagan, owner of Bend, Oregon’s Becker Landscapes:

    • Privacy. The primary consideration in deciding where to situate your hot tub is privacy. For screening, evergreens provide good year-round cover. For the Central Oregon area, Austrian Pines are great if space allows, while Skyrocket Junipers grow upright and can be kept in a compact form; both evergreen varieties are deer resistant.
    • The view. Take full advantage of Central Oregon’s beauty when situating your hot tub. Keep the view in mind. If you are trying to take advantage of a view, then low plants should be planted in the view line.
    • Bare feet. Think about bare feet. Pavers or stamped concrete are great for around the tub and for a pathway leading to it.


[caption id=“attachment_1497” align=“alignright” width=“150”]Round Hot Tub - Fireside of Bend, Oregon The Retro Marquis 524[/caption]

Of course, the hot tub itself can be an important visual element of the setting. The newly introduced Marquis 524 is not only made in Oregon - it has spades of retro appeal, along with ample seating for up to 6 individuals.

For more information about the hot tubs available at Fireside, browse our online catalog. You can learn more about Becker Landscapes at www.becker-landscapes.com.