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Introducing Elemental Hot Tubs:
High Design, Low Maintenance

Fireside is excited to announce the introduction of the Elemental hot tub line. Shaped uniquely for architectural appeal, Elemental’s wide array of exterior design choices allows it to integrate seamlessly into your outdoor living space. While traditional hot tubs can be difficult to integrate visually into the surrounding landscape, Elemental’s design features allow it to visually enhance and complement its outdoor surroundings.

A variety of exterior finishes echo the look of natural  materials such as stone and wood, giving the unit the appearance of an ornamental water feature, rather than the bulky “box of water” look associated with traditional hot tubs.

Aesthetic Appeal
Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Elemental is the variety of options when choosing an exterior finish.  All aspects of the hot tub are fully customizable – from the exterior finish, to the frame of the hot tub, to the color of the hot tub’s interior. This means you can achieve almost any look – from an earth-toned, Asian-inspired appearance to an all-white unit that oozes Hollywood glam.

Simple Operation
Elemental is very easy to use as it requires no special construction. Not only can this hot tub be plugged into a regular outdoor electrical outlet, there is no special plumbing necessary. Simply fill and empty the hot tub using a garden hose.

Compact Footprint & Roomy Seating
While Elemental comfortably seats two to four occupants, its design still allows it to fit through a regular-sized doorway. And, while traditional hot tub covers can be unwieldy, Elemental’s cover is designed to be easily removed and replaced by one person alone.

Because Elemental is not hard-wired or plumbed into the infrastructure of your deck or patio, and because of the careful thought put into its design, it is much easier to transport in the event of a move than traditional hot tubs. Likewise, if you decide to change the layout of your outdoor living space, Elemental can be re-positioned according to your needs.

Far from being just a box of water on your deck or patio, the unit becomes a decorative element of your landscape, allowing you to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor living space into all seasons.  A running Elemental spa is currently on display in our store – you must see it in person to fully appreciate this hot tub’s unique aesthetic appeal.

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