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New Stoves Get Even Cleaner

Future wood stoves will be even cleaner burning and even more efficient in the next few years.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be issuing new emissions regulations that will be phased in during the next 5 years that will limit their particulate emissions 1.3 gm. per hr. That’s about the same amount of particulate emissions that the tires of a small car emit as the car goes down the freeway and the tires wear.

These federal regulations will not affect any wood stove currently in use, whether the stove was manufactured in 1974, or this year. However, the state of Oregon does require that stoves built before 1986 (uncertified stoves) be removed when homes are sold.

The good news about the new federal regulations is that future wood stoves will also become more efficient. Over the next 5 years, many current wood stove designs will be revised and will utilize a “Hybrid” technology which incorporates current “after burn” technology with catalytic combustors.

Remember, you may not have the latest clean burn technology in your wood stove, but you can double its efficiency and dramatically reduce smoke emissions by having smaller, hot fires and not having smoldering, choked for air fires. These days, who doesn’t want to save money, save labor and at the same time, keep from smoking up your neighborhood.

KTVZ Video - EPA looks to cut wood stove emissions

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