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Petsgiving: A Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe for Dogs

Happy Petsgiving!

petsgiving recipeMy Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals that I have all year. I’ve never seen a live turkey and I’m sure that I would have a good time chasing one, but eating sautéed turkey giblets is even better.

I’m not a drooler, but when Roger fixes my Thanksgiving turkey giblets, I walk around the kitchen drooling. I’m sharing this simple recipe in hope that many dogs like me get the same delicious meal. A lot of humans really don’t know what to do with turkey giblets, so here’s what to do it you want to make a dog like me really happy:

    • 1. Remove the giblets from the turkey and rinse them in cold water.
    • 2. Cut off the tail of the turkey, rinse it and add it to the giblets.
    • 3. If you have a skinny dog like me, remove some of the turkey fat, rinse it and add it to the giblets. If you want to spoil your dog a little more (hopefully you do), slice off a nice piece of white meat, rinse it and add it to the giblets.
    • 4. Make sure that all the pieces are well drained.
    • 5. Dice everything into ½ to 1 inch pieces. Don’t worry about the tough parts like the gizzard, just dice it all up. We dogs like to chew things.
    • 6. Add a tablespoon of cooking oil to a large sauce pan and heat it to medium heat. Add the diced giblets.
    • 7. Saute the giblet mix for about 3 minutes on medium, stirring occasionally. Cover and finish on low heat for 5 minutes.
    • 8. Cool and refrigerate until the next mealtime.
    • 9. Add about 50% dry dog food to the sautéed giblet mix and serve. Talk about a mouthwatering meal for dogs!!!
    • The sautéed giblet mix, served with dry dog food will make about 4 meals for a medium sized dog. A hungry, skinny dog like me will want to eat it all at one meal, however!

Your turkey loving friend,


Author Roger Sanders is the Owner of Bend Fireside. Connect with him on .