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Grill Buying Guide

Shopping for a Grill? Know Before You Go with Fireside’s Handy Grill Buyer’s Checklist.

  1. Where’s It Made?
    When it comes to grills, “Made In the USA” doesn’t have to mean “expensive”. At Fireside, we have made-in-the-USA grills for every budget.
  2. What’s the Warranty Like?
    Did you know that grill warranties do not cover labor? That’s OK though – because Fireside does! If you run into a problem with a grill purchased at Fireside, our Full 1-year Warranty covers both labor & materials.
  3. Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?
    At Fireside, the answer is, “Yes.” In fact, we offer a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee with every grill we sell…try finding that at your friendly Big Box store!
  4. Can You Meet Big Box Prices?
    Yes – you’ll find our cash & carry grill prices are the same as what you’ll find at Big Box stores.
  5. Can You Hook Me Up?
    Unlike the other retail stores, Fireside is certified by the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office for assembling and servicing propane appliances. Plus, our gas technicians are well equipped to install & service both propane & natural gas grills.
  6. What Features Do I Really Need?
    At Fireside, we’ll answer that question, with a question of our own: “What do you like to grill?” The seasoned grill aficionados on our sales floor will then help you make decisions on the grill that will suit you the best.Here are just a few of the available features to consider:


    • Sear stations: These can’t be beat for grilling steaks and is superior to infrared burners, but you have to know how to use it.
    • Infrared rear burner & rotisserie: Perfect for roasts, but you have to learn how they work.
    • Side burners: They’re great for more than boiling corn.
    • Portables vs. Built-ins: Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
    • Outdoor kitchen accessory pieces: Outdoor bars, outdoor refrigerators, and other pieces, what’s right for you?

Fireside is Grilling Headquarters for Central Oregon:

We can help you learn more when you come into the store. We’ve been at it for decades. When you purchase a grill from Fireside, you receive a lot of benefits that are not always seen. We have had the opportunity to sell most every grill brand available because of the number of years we have sold and serviced grills. We also provide full warranty and service support at little or no labor cost to you. Obviously, we also provide delivery and assembly. Unlike most other retail outlets, we are also certified by the Oregon Fire Marshal’s Office to assemble and service propane grills and related items.

As you might guess, there are dramatic differences in grill operation, performance and reliability. Gas grills, infrared grilling, “Kamado” style charcoal grills, the traditional Weber Kettle, or a pellet grill. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? We spend a lot of time analyzing and testing dozens of grills to ensure that we can help you select the best possible model for your needs.

Additionally, we thoroughly test the grills we sell so we can tell you about the details of their operating characteristics. We also specialize in built-in grills and their accessories, whether we provide the built-in island, or the island is site built. We also have an extensive selection grilling accessories to make grilling even more enjoyable.

American Made:

Buying an American made, premium gas grill, like a Weber, or a Twin Eagle is more than a patriotic “balance of trade” issue. The “big box” store grills are cheap, large and look great to the casual observer. However, they’re all made in China and use poor quality components that do not last long. They appear to have great brand names, but their manufacturers are unknown. China does manufacture some impressive products, but not grills. The Chinese grills are made with thin, dentable steels and it is very difficult to obtain replacement components. Without replacement components, they quickly become landfill items if they’re used regularly.

American made grills are more expensive, but they are made of more durable materials, reliable components and they have readily available replacement components. Fireside provides full warranty and service support for every appliance we sell. We could easily sell lots of inexpensive Chinese grills. But, our service personnel would not be able to keep up with all the warranty support and regular service that our customers expect. So, do you want a real grill, or a throw away grill? It’s your choice.