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Grills Parts & Accessories

Having the right grilling tools can make all the difference when it comes to your outdoor cooking experience. Shop Fireside’s abundant selection of BBQ accessories and grilling tools that include stainless steel tool sets, heavy-duty covers, pizza stones, cast iron griddles, digital thermometers and more!

Plus, we provide full service and parts for all the grill models that we have sold. We also have replacement parts for most any grill brand and model. Even if you didn’t purchase the grill from us, we can usually get the parts you need. However, since there are literally a million grill replacement parts we cannot stock them all. So gather the information from our checklist below and bring that info into Fireside. We’ll order the part you need and call you when it is here.

  1. Identify your grill brand, model and/or serial number
  2. Go to the following website: http://www.musiccitymetals.net/
  3. Locate the needed parts on our supplier’s website
  4. Bring us a copy of the page that lists your part(s)
  5. Order your part(s) here at Fireside
  6. Pick up your part(s) when we call you

Contact us today with your questions!