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Stoves Accessories

Fireside’s seasonal selection of fireplace, stove and insert accessories include fireplace screens, grates, tool sets, wood racks, totes and carts, cast iron steamers, trivets, bellows, glass cleaner and quick start firestarter gels and fat logs. Plu

Venting and Chimney:

From the hearth pad to the chimney cap and everything in-between, Fireside stocks dozens of chimney systems and many different kinds of chimney caps. Whether it’s a wood, gas, or pellet stove, Fireside has a large selection of venting and chimney components in stock to get the job done right. The most important part of chimney systems is knowing which parts are needed for your specific installation. We carry 4″ pellet pipe up to 8″ direct-vent, double-wall wood pipe. The last thing you want to do is to install an unsafe system because someone thought they knew how to do it. Fireside can provide you with complete manufacturer requirements for proper chimney installation and help you select the proper components.


Fireside carries a large selection of parts in stock for most of the stoves and fireplaces sold in Central Oregon. Whether it’s simply replacement stove gasket or a fireplace fan or a pellet stove snap switch, Fireside usually has it in stock. Be sure to bring all the information about what stove or fireplace the part is needed for in addition to the defective part (if it’s available) when you come in.


Stove Top FanStove AccessoriesFireside carries dozens of products that make your stove or fireplace better from a fan that can be added to your stove to special glass cleaner and chimney brushes for stoves and fireplaces. Fireside has pellet stove starter and 25 different colored high temperature paints to refinish your stove like it was new. How about an  Eco-Fan that operates off of stove heat and uses no electricity, or a stove top steamer. When you’re in the store, check out the many stove accessories.